Avalanche shovel

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Avalanche shovel

Sometimes rescue times need the shortest time. They have been designed with the best features and most of them are expendable. The smooth part of the blades will also ensure that you get walls that are smoother at all times. Get informed below so that you get to make a better choice for one of the best avalanche shovel.

avalanche shovel

Buy now on Amazon. This is a shovel that has been designed with a forged aluminum blade and also shaft. This is a great material as it will ensure that the shovel does not get to rust in an easy manner when you compare it with others.

It has been given L shape so that it is easy picking up snow. Most people find themselves ordering shovels that they will end up regretting. This one has been designed with an ergonomic and also full-sized shaft.

To make it durable, it has been finished with a powder coat. It is not easy finding such a shovel in the market.

This one is unique because it is both extendable and also packable. It has been designed with a positive slip-proof that will grip on both the blade and also the shaft. The dozer can also be converted into a traditional shovel. That means that it can be adaptable to the backcountry situation.

The saw that can be folded can be used for cutting away debris. This is a sturdy snow shovel that has been designed with an aluminum blade that can maximumly remove snow. Why it is a perfect tool for your use is the fact that it is able to dig smooth, use it to clean walls for pit analysis among others. But with it, you can also enjoy plenty of leverage specifications. It is a product that comes complete with a saw blade that is quick to access.

The handle is also extendable so that you can maximumly reach various places that you want. The shovel blade is oversize, meaning that you will move maximum snow. It has been built with a handle that can be extended. Fitted with a high volume blade that will help you in throwing as much snow as you wish from the smallest footprint. This kind of blade is unique because depending on the strength and ability you have, then you will need to make the right decision of the amount to throw.

The smooth bottom of the blade ensures that you have smooth walls. This is a shovel that has been loved by many because of its ability to get your work done faster than any other. It has been designed with an aluminum blade that will ensure that the snow you are moving is never going to stick and build up.Core Light Shovel. Lynx Shovel. After a Transceiver has located the victim and the Probe has located the depth of the victim, The shovel is used to dig out the snow to recover the buried skier or snowboarder.

You must ensure that your snow shovel has strength aswell as quick and easy access in the case of an avalanche, you can store these shovels to the inside or outside of your avy pack. Having the correct shovel and shovelling technique is a crucial, yet often overlooked, part of avalanche rescue.

After all, it is no good locating a victim very fast if it then takes you an hour to dig them out. A lot, of course, will depend on the type of snow in the avalanche as well as the depth of burial, but being armed with a strong shovel and being practised in using it is vital. Time really is crucial in avalanche rescue and quite literally every second count. Avalanche debris can often set rock hard immediately after it comes to rest and the rapid deceleration involved when a slide stops will compress down the loose snow into a solid mass.

This hard snow can make for very tough and tiring digging, especially if the victim is buried far beneath the surface. With a flimsy shovel, you really will be struggling. The main dilemma when choosing a shovel is strength versus size and weight. You should carry your shovel every time you venture off the marked trails so obviously light and compact one will be preferable.

A Few Favorite Avy Shovels — 2019

However, if you ever have to use it, you are really going to want it to perform. The plastic Ortovox shovels are among the lightest shovels available and their lexan blades are very tough. However, if you don't mind a bit of extra weight, nothing quite matches a large, strong aluminium blade when it comes to digging.

Ortovox, are perfect for shifting large amounts of snow fast with their burly blades with long telescopic handles. The Deploy 3 and Deploy 7 by Black Diamond are also powerful aluminium shovels with telescopic handles.

Shovelling is commonly an area where a lot of time is wasted during an avalanche rescue. It is often overlooked in avalanche safety courses as well. Any avalanche rescue practices should involve not only transceiver use but also probe and shovel use as well. Obviously, the ease or difficulty or the shovelling faze will depend a lot on the hardness of the snow, the depth of the burial and how many people are digging.

Extracting a victim by yourself under 2 metres of hard set snow is going to be very hard work for example.Skip to main content. Avalanche Shovels. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Show only Leaflai items.

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Camp Crest Snow Shovel. Show only CAMP items. Previous Page 1 2 Free Shipping by Amazon. Jones New York. Amazon Global Store.Although an avalanche shovel is a fairly simple piece of equipment, every year there are small improvements made to shovel designs.

They get stronger, lighter, and easier to assemble and take apart. This article will take a look at some of the best avalanche shovels currently on the market. In basic terms, an avalanche shovel is just that: a shovel. But with a removable and often extendable handle, an avalanche shovel is easy to fit inside a backpack for backcountry skiing.

Above all you want a shovel that you can count on in an emergency situation. One thing you should always consider for backcountry gear is weight. Less expensive avalanche shovels use cheaper, heavier materials. Choosing the right blade size for your avalanche shovel is an exercise in balance.

A bigger blade means you can move more snow faster, and this is key in a burial situation.

Avalanche Rescue Series: Avalanche Shoveling 101

The faster a buried skier is extracted, the better chance they have of surviving. Many avalanche shovel handles are extendable, meaning the overall length of the handle is increased when extended. This provides more leverage and ergonomics, which allows you to shovel faster and more efficiently.

Handles come in a wide variety of shapes. Look for one that fits nicely in your hand but still fits well in your pack. T-handles and L-handles are more compact and lightweight, but many users prefer a full D-handle. This is more personal preference than anything. Use what feels good to you.

Take a look at the materials the shovel is made with. Most lightweight shovels are made of aluminum, which is stronger and more durable than plastic. A plastic handle is pretty common, but make sure it feels solid before buying. Here we go…this list is our picks for the best avalanche shovels that are currently on the market. With a high volume anodized aluminum blade and a very solid extendable handle, this is a great example of an avalanche shovel.

Black Diamond has smoothed out the back of the blade mostly to allow for better walls in snow pits when doing snow study.

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The 3 and 7 refer to the blade capacity in gallons, and the Deploy 7 has a very generous sized blade in a compact package. With the handle removed, it is shorter than the BD Transfer 3, which has a smaller shovel blade.

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Another neat feature of this shovel is that when the curved handle is removed, it can nest into the shovel blade, which keeps it secure and compact. The Deploy 3 is a great option for smaller packs like the Mammut Ride avalanche airbag pack.

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The shovel handle has an end-cap that prevents snow from building up inside the shaft. This is a thoughtful feature. When disassembled this shovel packs quite well, and with the handle fully extended it is a decent length for shoveling, but on the shorter side. The blade is medium sized — it moves a decent amount of snow and will fit in most packs.

This would be a great option for taller skiers that like the style of the B-1 but need a longer shaft and a bigger blade. The shovel blade and handle are heat-treated for strength, and the blade is one of the largest out there.Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

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Compare Items Clear All. Avalanche Beacons. An industry-leading, professional-grade avalanche beacon, the new Black Diamond Guide BT with PIEPS technology features cutting-edge features for long-range and multiple burial searching, and Bluetooth functionality.

The completely redesigned PIEPS Pro BT features the same cutting-edge features for long-range and multiple burial searching, now with improved ergonomics and Bluetooth functionality. Harness-style carrying pouch included with the beacon. Featuring patented sensor technology and wireless device management, it offers the performance you expect from a PIEPS avalanche transceiver and next-generation technology to improve ease of use.

Avy Sets. A complete kit for serious backcountry skiers, this package includes a PIEPS Powder BT beacon, shovel and probe for those who use their gear on a regular basis.

Available December A complete kit for guides, avalanche professionals and serious backcountry skiers, this package includes a PIEPS Pro BT beacon, shovel and probe for those who use their gear on a daily basis. A complete collection of avalanche safety essentials for the everyday backcountry traveler, this package features durable, lightweight and easy-to-use tools that are ideal for anytime you venture into backcountry terrain.

A complete kit of pro-grade avalanche safety gear for guides, snow professionals and serious backcountry skiers, this package features the essentials for those who use their gear on a daily basis. A complete collection of avalanche essentials, this set includes a fully featured beacon, lightweight shovel and a sturdy probe for people who never miss a chance at fresh tracks.

The complete safety toolkit, with a beacon, shovel and probe for your backcountry adventure. A complete collection of avalanche essentials, this set includes a fully featured PIEPS DSP Sport beacon, lightweight T shovel and a sturdy probe for people who never miss a chance at fresh tracks.

Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Packs. The next evolution of our innovative JetForce Technology, the JetForce Pro avalanche airbag system is now smaller and lighter and features Bluetooth capabilities for easy updates. The liter pack is spacious, designed for snow-safety professionals and backcountry travelers that demand plenty of storage, plus the entire system is modular, giving you the ability to attach a liter, liter, or liter splitboard booster pack to the JetForce Pro system—making this airbag pack extremely versatile while adding a margin of safety in the backcountry.

The liter pack is technical and gives you plenty of space for long days in the backcountry, plus the entire system is modular, giving you the ability to attach a liter, liter, or liter splitboard booster pack to the JetForce Pro system—making this airbag pack extremely versatile while adding a margin of safety in the backcountry.

Best Avalanche Shovels of 2020

The liter split pack has straps for a splitboard and all the features for a long day in the backcountry, plus the entire system is modular, giving you the ability to attach a liter, liter, or liter booster pack to the JetForce Pro system—making this airbag pack extremely versatile while adding a margin of safety in the backcountry. The liter pack is sleek and technical, ideal for quick tours or out-of-the-gate resort skiing, plus the entire system is modular, giving you the ability to attach a liter, liter, or liter splitboard booster pack to the JetForce Pro system—making this airbag pack extremely versatile while adding a margin of safety in the backcountry.But the rescue avy shovel is up there on the list.

Which one to carry? The choices seem infinite. Hit an e-tailer and you can probably riffle your eager shopping fingers over more than a hundred versions. My solution is a corner of my closet, stacked with shovels. Or heading to Denali? There is always our local ranch supply store with a ready stock of grain scoops.

Blade size should fit in your backpack. As for moving snow, bigger is not necessarily better; those covered here are adequate. Aluminum, not plastic. Plastic can work.

Reputable brand, and model. Reasonable weight. Usually not an issue for purpose built ski touring shovels. Shopping links included for those of you doing pre-winter gear upgrades. The blade is also a good size. Obviously strong, and converts to a hoe. Weight grams with saw. It lacks the hook grip but does convert to a hoe. One of the guides I spoke with was as well. It lacks a hoe feature, but everything from the blade size to the shaft length is well thought out.

In my ever humble opinion, hands down the best combo of quality, design and affordability.Have you ever wondered what you would do if a friend was swept away in an avalanche in the backcountry? Or how you could even prevent such a frightening, yet not uncommon, occurrence to begin with? Like with beacons and ski helmets, every backcountry skier should have a sturdy, reliable avalanche shovel.

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Beyond avalanche rescue missions, an avalanche shovel can be used as a preventative tool, allowing you to check the stability of the snow for avalanche danger and avoid catastrophe before it hits. But how do you know what the best avalanche shovel is for you?

avalanche shovel

Here, at The Adventure Junkies, we want to help you limit your choices when selecting the best avalanche shovel. For more of our top snow sports gear recommendations, check out these popular articles:. Avalanche Beacons Avalanche Probes. PROS : Converts to hoe, lightweight, collapses small, good construction.

PROS : Easy to use with mittens, durable, one of the largest blades available so moves lots of snow. PROS : Lightweight, slotted holds for rescue sled, fits in most ski backpacks, durable, easy to breakdown. The material of shovel is one of the best ways to narrow down your options when selecting the best avalanche shovel for you.

If the shovel is made of inferior materials, it will break and become useless during a rescue mission. Most avalanche shovels are made of one of three types of materials: aluminum, plastic, or steel. Aluminum is—hands down—the best material for an avalanche shovel. It allows the user to engage in the chopping action that is essential for rescuing a victim of an avalanche. It is stronger and will last longer than plastic. It is also lighter weight than steel and is often fabricated from the same material that it used for bike frames and airplanes.

In most cases, plastic avalanche shovels are not recommended. Plastic avalanche shovels have the tendency to break in extreme cold and when the blade hits debris while digging.

The only benefit to carrying a plastic avalanche shovel is that it may be very lightweight, but in an emergency it will not be a good selection. Steel shovels are extremely durable, but they are also extremely heavy. Most backcountry skiers prefer the lighter weight of heat-treated alloys over the heavier weight of a steel shovel.

Blade size is a key component to selecting the best avalanche shovel for you. Many backcountry skiers prefer a larger blade, so they can move more snow. The downside to that is that—in an emergency—the person shoveling may get tired faster. The alternative is a smaller blade that is easier to handle.

While a smaller blade will let you shovel snow for a longer period of time without experiencing fatigue, it is also less efficient at chopping away at dense snowpack and removes less snow than a larger blade. If it is attached to the outside of the pack, it will get torn off during an avalanche, making it useless.

The blade shape is a matter of preference.

avalanche shovel

There are two main shapes—flat or curved—with benefits to each. Either shape of blade can also be serrated. A serrated blade will cut through cement-like snow, ice, and avalanche debris better. A flat blade is best for digging snow pits.


Backcountry skiers dig snow pits to check the stability of the snowpack, letting them know the likelihood of an avalanche. The ability to take such precautions is as important as a good ski helmet.

The cleaner and smoother the wall, the easier it is to see how stable it is. A curved blade is best for avalanche rescue since it will remove more snow with each scoop than a flat blade.


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